Thursday, May 8, 2008

From a "sister"

This is something that a near and dear friend of mine wrote. It gave me chills and I wanted to share it. I'm surrounded by some friggin' amazingly talented people, and for that? ... I'm grateful:

I am the new hope
The revolutionary Mint Edifice teeming with the helpers, the thinkers
The strange trouble makers.
I am filled with the exclamation of power,
Deconstructed, reconstructed
A puzzle of mismatched pieces
Housed and linked like a bight kaleidoscope
Bundled together, sheltered by a common dream.

I am the new hope
The awesome flower of desire
Unsupported, under funded, unimaginable,
Isn't it, that I Exist?
Within the realms, the borders
Against the grain, working toward expansion, the wide-open intension.

I am the new hope
The hope against hope against the suffocating tyrant
Tyrannical culture
The small beads of us, woven together.
Our faces look into each other
Under this roof of desire
We hold the promise, the awkward will to deliver
We release the fractured dove
Palms outstretched, faces to the sun.

We are the new hope
Forever revolutionary, standing among the rubble
The Mint Edifice dissolved.
Our sinking angry hearts hot
Kick with panic, sickly trapped
Undone by the double hold
A fear in our eyes so tender
We go numb without each other.

We are the new hope
Gone unsheltered and unclothed
The golden warrior spirit exposed
Our shields up in a circle, protecting ourselves
We move forward
Unsupported, under funded, unimaginable
We walk, Don't We?
Away from that which was
The Mint Edifice of shame and so much desire
Common dreams without without a common cause
Our leaders tired, so much defeated.
We are the new hope
Spirits renewed, we are not broken
We know our truths transcend
The walls cannot contain
Our hot hearts
They beat toward a new way of being
Into the future, we let go of those we tightly grasped
Because we know we are truly not alone
And together we are profound
Bound by experience
We forge ahead with a quiet burning peace
Beacons illuminated still
By the kernels of our intensions

We are the new hope
We've already changed the world.

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