Sunday, June 3, 2007

Oi! 'ello there!

All right, I’ve caved. And here I am, officially blogging. Why do I have “C’mon people now, join in, start a blog-train, blog-train” running through my head?

Here's some random for you ... show your friends you love them, send ‘em some crack, (Wow, you really can find anything on here!)

I’ll mainly post random thoughts, weird food cravings, and rants about a particular co-worker, interspersed with the obligatory drunken post(s), along with the hopped up on coffee ones. And on that note, I have some pasta boiling and I must pee. (Coffee goes straight through me, but I wouldn’t give it up for anything, bladder be damned!)

I'm an avowed chowhound, so if you have any favorite "make me cum in my pants" pasta recipes, send them my way! I lost a dinner bet and have to make a pasta dish for an Italian. Nope, no pressure there!

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